CTL Competition
Team Composition (4 PLAYERS )
  • Legend
  • ATP Player
  • WTA Player
  • Indian Player
CTL Game Format
  • Two teams competing against each other is called a tie
  • Each tie consists of 5 sets
  • Winner of the set is the player/doubles team that wins 5 games
  • Winner of the Tie will be the Team that wins the highest number of Games across all 5 Sets
  • Each team earns 2 points for a Tie won, 1 point for a draw in case of a rain washout and 0 points for a Tie lost
Order of Play
  • Legends’ Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Mixed Doubles (ATP Player and WTA Player)
  • Men’s Doubles (ATP Player and Indian Player)
  • Men’s Singles
  • In a Set
  • All Tiebreakers = 1 Game
  • At 4-4, there is a 9 point tiebreaker. If the score is 4-4 in the tiebreaker, player who served second will serve to the receiver’s choice of side. Player to win the point wins the tiebreaker and the set.
The CTL Factor
  • No-Ad scoring at Deuce
  • Tiebreaker at 4 games all, not 6 games all
  • Tiebreaker – Best of 9 points
  • “Ties” won by teams winning highest number of games
Zonal Champions
  • Zonal Champions are the teams with highest number of points earned in their respective zones
CTL Champions
  • The zonal champions compete against each other to earn the title of CTL Champions
Super Point
  • A game changer for any team, the Super Point is an opportunity for each team to win free points. At the start of the day's tie, the juniors from the home team get 5 chances in all to hit a stationary target across the court. Each hit gives the team one point, which can be redeemed by the team captain, one point per set.